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Marilen Adrover
Artist | Digital Art
I was born in Mallorca island (Spain) in 1986 and I developed academically in Barcelona for more than 6 years. I have studied art since I was 13 and I was graduated in a Styling course on 2011 as the best student of the promotion. There, I discovered my passion for illustration and Photoshop, where am self-taught.

Since then, I have worked on projects such as exclusive creations for cd covers -including one for Emea and Partapart records in Istambul-, participations in national illustration webzines, a book cover for Random House (The Beautiful and the Cursed ), Participation on Misbegotten project by Caesar Voghan, or some both personal and collective exhibitions.

Last year I've had more online visibility because of the success of a 4 illustrations ''fairytales mugshots'' which were frontpage on Reddit, 9gag and also published in many sites as Huffington Post or Wil Wheaton's Tumblr.

At present, I work as a tattoo artist on my own business.

You can see my work on too or visit my online stores:
Dear friends, I apologize for the superlarge post I'm going to write but I need your opinion.

I have always felt very flattered when someone decide to make versions of my work, especially with my mugshots artwork. 
Because of the 'fame' they have achieved these years, I've seen pictures and drawings of other people. They have also add more characters and I never said anything, quite the contrary, I have always given my approval if they ask me, and I have even decided long time ago to leave my serie as it is; without adding characters and leaving only Alice, Snow White, Goldilocks and Riding Hood. That's because someone who, for example,would have created Mulan for identity theft (I loved that one) could not accuse me of plagiarism and avoid future problems. 

I rather assume that this serie is already out of my hands and once something becomes famous in internet you can no longer consider uniquely yours, it's people stuff.

I don't have credit in most of those versions, but I have no way to know if they have been inspired by me or by someone else, so I always let it go with no great importance. 
However, it is always a joy when you see that you have been credited. I do not think you lose credibility if you do it and you put a smile on the original artist's face.

A year ago, when more than half of you guys were not even in this page, a guy (Mark Blewett) asked me if he could use those illustrations in exchange for promotion, but it did not seem fair to me since he was going to get economic benefits, so I proposed an affordable fee and a contract. 
He rejected the deal.

Yesterday I discovered that a few months ago, his shop, Twisted Apparel, has several models of mugshots t-shirts and also Inked Magazine has promoted the Alice one.

I know I do not owe rights for Alice character, neither for mugshots, and therefore I can not claim a lot, but I have all the images registered under the right to make versions but provided by accreditation and No Commercial Use, so I decided to contact him when I discovered that the t-shirt was from his brand.

I've sent a message explaining the issue and at no time I asked to 
remove the shirt. I believe that the image used is not mine, but the idea (or part thereof) itself it is. The only thing I'm asking is the proper credit because it's pretty obvious that he decided to make his own version for non-payment of rights I asked a year ago. Is the obviousness that pisses me off! 
He has Ariel, Ursula and The Mad Hatter too but I haven't reclaim
nothing on them, only I did with Alice. 

Today I have been answered literally that 'Art is inspired by loads of 
different stuff'. Not even an apology. 

I have to say that I have credits in my artwork to the girls in 
which I was inspired for pose refferences and I even gave credit to
Loish for the drawing technique. I think it's not difficult to make things
right. Now I just hope they do not intend to do the other three tshirts.

What do you think I should do? Do you think I'm becoming a paranoid?
Ok people! At last you can buy all my fairytale mugshots on a big variety of clothing and colours. You can find 2 and 3XL too!!. Don't forget to send me some pics at if you get one! Happy weekend!! ^_^…

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Just saw your mugshots through a Yahoo article! They're really clever and definitely made me think twice about our beloved fairy tale characters!
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